Maximizing sales to Mobile Users

You know from your personal experience how important your mobile phone is to you. You keep your phone close to you and use it very often to search for that perfect shoe or that honest car mechanic. The good news is that your customers act exactly the same way.  Mobile buying is predicted to further rise and you can – in fact, must! –  use this trend to your advantage.

How do you this? The first step is to understand your mobile buyer’s behavior. The mobile buyer is likely a social being and wants to talk to a sincere, friendly person before making the decision to buy. So the key to the mobile buyer’s heart is through giving him a “wow” call experience every time he dials in. Use call recordings to train your sales team to perfection.

Use intelligent call tracking to uncover marketing gems. For example you know which ad campaign works best with mobile buyers and you also know which keywords work and those that don’t. Once you have this knowledge, you are able to tailor make your ads to suit the taste of the mobile buyer. The bonus is that the buyer is already on the move so is more likely to drop in to your place of business if he calls and gets a satisfactory response.

With call tracking you can measure precisely if mobile buyers are your key source of sales and if so how you may appeal to their unique preferences. Why not go a step further and fine-tune your product or service to suit the needs of the mobile buyer? Tailoring your product or services to your targeted mobile buyer improves your odds of growing your market share.

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