Google Analytics Data Usage Policy

It is very important to AvidTrak that Google Analytics data be protected from being accessed by unauthorized entities. AvidTrak provides this Google Analytics Data Usage Policy to inform users of our procedures and how our applications interact with the Google Analytics server and who has access to your data.

How is my Google Analytics data accessed?

AvidTrak receives data from your Google Analytics account through the official Google Analytics Core Reporting API (OAuth 2.0) which is a very secure permissions process. This is a read-only application for GA data reporting. At no time does this application attempt to change or write to your Google Analytics data. AvidTrak is committed to following Google’s best-practices for interacting with your data.

An employee or external consultant can access your data if this access is necessary to perform its current task and the user is authorized to execute this task. Additionally, the task’s purpose must correspond to the purposes for which the personal data was obtained or there has to be consent by the data subjects.

Are my login credentials stored?

our login information is never stored in AvidTrak. Login credentials are sent only to the official Google Analytics servers for authentication. AvidTrak is granted access to a secure token, which we store, that gives us access to your data. For your security, this token is secured by Google and designed in a way that can only be used by AvidTrak’s servers.

What data does AvidTrak store?

Google Analytics profile unique identifiers are stored at the account level for future retrieval. Report data may be stored if the user imports data and chooses to write to the database; however, report data may always be cleared from the database. Additionally, no Personal Information is ever stored in Google Analytics.

Can I revoke your access to my data?

Yes. At any time, you can revoke AvidTrak’s access to your data through this page:

Have additional questions?

If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, you should contact AvidTrak’s support by sending an email to Please allow three business days for a reply.

Will this policy ever change?

We reserve the right to change this Statement and will provide notification of a change at least thirty (30) business days prior to the change taking effect. However, we will never make any material change to this policy that would result in a different approach to your data’s security.

For more information on how we receive data from Google Analytics, please review this article.

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