Avidtrak Transcriptions

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a peek into your buyers mind? What motivates her? What puts her off? What do you need to do to close the gap between click and sale? Call Transcriptions can help you understand buyer behavior to the minutest detail.

With Call Transcriptions you get a written report of the entire conversation from the time your customer dialed in to the time he hung up. Word patterns that you missed in call recordings may become evident when presented in a written document.

With Keyword Flagging words most commonly used by your client may be highlighted. In this way you get rare insights into the way your customer thinks and the language she uses. You can use this information to tailor make your marketing content to suit your buyers. Further you can bid higher on Google Adwords Keywords that appeal to your target audience.

There will always be some phone calls that do not end up in a sale. You want to know why? Analyzing transcriptions could tell you exactly why the sale did not happen. Again keyword flagging helps detect trends in consumer behavior that you can use to either adjust your product or change your marketing pitch. For example, if you find that most potential buyers said “too expensive” before they decided not to purchase your product, then rethinking your pricing strategy would be a good idea.

As with most AvidTrak features, use of the product platform will often bring about additional insights into how the feature can be best used to suit your need.

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