Call Tracking: Simplistic Vs. Simple

Some people claim that call tracking can reduce Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Is this claim true? This could only happen if call tracking is used carelessly and a would-be marketer, lists, in different directories multiple phone numbers. This practice is simplistic call tracking and could hurt your SEO rankings because Google rewards your business for having a consistent name, address and phone number. So carelessly listing multiple numbers associated with the same business could potentially lower your business ranking with Google.

Does this mean that you don’t use call tracking? That would be like throwing the baby out with the bath water. What you need to do is work closely with your call tracking partner to ensure they use a feature like Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI). With DNI the primary number listed on your website remains hardcoded so that Google does not penalize your business’ ranking.

The solution then is to make call tracking work for you and not against you. Make sure your call tracking provider is also able to block spam calls to your number so that you get the maximum benefit from tracking calls. Some other features worth mentioning to your call tracking partner would be call recording, transcription, call scheduling and routing, and call analytics. The tracking system must be user friendly and easy to integrate with your other software.  It has to be Simple but not simplistic.

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