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WIX allows you to build beautiful websites that may be tailored to your business needs. You may be a successful attorney with an enviable win record. You have grateful clients who have provided testimonials on how pleased they are with your work. You may have won the recognition of civic leaders for the pro bono work you have performed for those unable to afford legal defense. Content wise you have everything in place on your website to impress a potential client. Now in comes an Internet Marketing Consultant who evaluates your website and states that she can get you more targeted leads using a combination of Paid Search, Social Media, Content Marketing and of course Search Engine Optimization.

You are impressed with the credentials of your Internet Marketing Consultant. She has in depth knowledge of your legal vertical. She has worked with other attorneys and they have attested to her prowess in generating leads. Your marketing consultant gets to work. She performs a site audit and cleans up the page titles so that your site is more search engine friendly. Page redirects for legacy “dead” pages are created so that visitors to your site are not given the dreadful experience of “Page Not Found!” Simple, easy to fill out Contact forms are incorporated on your WIX site to capture online leads. Conversion tracking scripts are added to capture online lead submissions. A toll free phone number with a compelling call to action is placed on all the pages so that potential clients can contact you by phone.

You start spending money on Paid Search Keywords and use Facebook and LinkedIn Ads to zero in on your target audience. Clicks to your site jump up. You are seeing a steady increase in web traffic. You are getting leads via the form submission widget on your site. And you and your office staff are fielding far more phone calls than before. There’s only one problem. You do not know if your calls are coming in through Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Adwords, Google Mobile or Bing Paid Search. You ask your callers how they heard about you. They respond, “Um, saw your ad on the internet.” In fact most say that they don’t really remember as they are anxious to discuss their legal problem with you and you are motivated to serve them.

You are now three months into your engagement with your Internet Marketing Consultant and she tells you that she really needs to get a full and granular picture of the lead flow. She wants to measure forms and phone calls arising from each marketing channel. She tells you that there’s this thing called Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) that allows each visitor to a website to see a unique tracking phone number. These unique phone numbers are “virtual” numbers that connect to your office. What’s more DNI allows you to route calls to your attorneys based on rules that you can tailor. You give the go ahead to your marketing consultant to start Dynamic Number Insertion on your WIX Website.

Your marketing consultant sets up an AvidTrak account. She works with AvidTrak’s Support Team to install tracking code on your WIX website. This snippet of AvidTrak JavaScript tracking code allows AvidTrak’s call tracking platform to replace the hard coded number on your website with dynamic tracking numbers based on the source of the visit. Facebook ad clicks get shown different numbers, while Adwords Paid Search clicks get shown different numbers.

Two weeks after launching your AvidTrak campaign, your marketing consultant walks into your office triumphantly. She has data, lots of data. She tells you:

  • Our spend on LinkedIn needs to be ramped up. We get twice as many calls from LinkedIn ads than we do on Facebook.
  • Adwords works but only 4 keywords are responsible for 70 percent of the phone leads. She wants to bid higher on those 4 keywords and cut her bids on the other 1,500 underperforming keywords.
  • She has found a gem. That weekly guest blog post that you write in your industry journal, well it turns out that your posts get a lot of engagement and surprise, surprise also result in many phone call leads. She wants you to consider writing at least thrice weekly to build upon your lead flows.

Six months after your first conversation with your marketing consultant, as you budget your law practice’s revenue and expense budget for the new financial year, you note with satisfaction how well your internet strategy has worked out. You have confidence in the marketing plan and data provided to you by your marketing consultant. Your WIX powered website, Marketing Consultant and AvidTrak’s Dynamic Insertion Call Tracking were worth every penny you spent. You have in place a lead flow machine that keeps your practice busy and your legal career on the growth track.

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