Call Tracking – A Marketing Agency’s Best Friend

If you’re an Internet marketing consultant your clients expect you to maximize their brand equity and ramp up sales volumes. But how do you go about proving your marketing strategies? How do you demonstrate to a client who doubts your strategy, that your tactics are likely to deliver results? What if despite all your effort, your client claims that he is getting no increase in sales? How do you overcome a situation where you are seeing increased traffic volumes to your client’s website but no evidence of revenues related to the increased traffic? Determining a correlation between website traffic and leads requires a full picture of lead flow. And a full picture of lead flow cannot be completed without comprehensive call tracking that assigns and attributes calls to each marketing channel.

How do you prove the effectiveness of your marketing strategy? One technique (and a very powerful one) is to use call tracking analytical reports intelligently. These reports will enable you to validate to your clients call attribution to respective marketing channels, campaigns or even keywords. Your client will learn exactly who called, from where, and at what time. She will also see which calls generated sales and those that did not. In this way you are able to show with hard data that your efforts are yielding results. You are also able to perfect your marketing strategy.

Another problem that you may have faced is that your company generates fabulous leads but due to poor call handling the sale was lost. In this case call recordings can be used to demonstrate why sales closure rates are low and how using smart and enhanced agent training can increase the lead flow to closure rate.

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