To whisper or not to whisper

Let us assume you decide to do some gift shopping for your kids today. You call a toy manufacturer who had advertised a 60% discount on all toys to inquire whether they have a particular item in store. It takes a very long time for your call to get connected. Once it does get connected, the attendant is clueless about the discount or the item you wanted. She asks you to call back at a later time for more information.  Are you likely to call this company again? Are you going to share your bad experience with friends and are they going to share the story with others? Is such a company likely to be in business for long?

So what can you do to make sure that the case above is never true for your company? One easy solution is to use the “whisper” function in Avidtrak’s call tracking software. This function alerts the call attendant of the source of the lead. In the example of the toy manufacturer above, the attendant will be informed about which ad campaign has led to a call even before the call gets connected. As a result you impress your caller with your knowledge. First impressions are important for closing the sale so a caller who gets a good impression from the minute she gets connected to your company is definitely more likely to buy from you. Also it is more likely that she will become brand loyal and give you more repeat purchases.

Research by an American skin care product supplier found that 60 percent of its phone calls were from people who had already bought their products. With AvidTrak’s call tracking and reporting software you too can find out exactly what proportion of your phone calls are from repeat callers and who’s calling you for the first time. You could go a step further and get a message on your mobile phone for your very important clients. These would be special brand loyal customers who are likely to give you bulk business. In this case you want to ensure that their calls are not mishandled. If you can’t personally handle the calls then you could dedicate an expert in the area to take such phone calls from key clients.

If the question is “to be or not to be” then we might as well stick to the choice of “being” and also use “whispering” to our advantage. Do you agree?

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