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  • The AvidTrak platform provides a simple and effortless solution to tracking all your mobile ad campaigns.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of all your mobile campaigns, and quickly swap out low performing ads from your marketing initiatives.
  • Placing a call tracking phone number on all your mobile ads and videos allows you to follow the performance of every ad in the campaign.
  • Choose from thousands of Toll Free or Local Numbers and get setup instantly.

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  • Greet Callers with a customized message.
  • Use IVR and Advanced Call Routing Rules to route calls to available resources, or to the most effective sales agents.
  • Record incoming Mobile Ad calls to train your Sales and Support Teams.
  • IVR also effectively blocks unwanted spam and robocalls by filtering incoming calls based on predefined criteria and allowing only legitimate callers to proceed.


  • Campaign Name
  • Caller ID
  • Date & Time of Call
  • Call Duration
  • Caller City & State
  • Caller Name (when available)


  • AvidTrak easily reports mobile call data into popular CRM such as Salesforce, Zoho and HubSpot.
  • Get clarity on ad performance by integrating call data into Google Data Studio and Google Analytics.
  • Use AvidTrak call data to automate your targeting and CPA.
  • Utilize AvidTrak RESTFUL API to report call conversions into your proprietary dashboards and analytical tools.


Can your product track phone leads back to the website which sent the caller?

Yes, our product can track phone leads back to the website that sent you the call, allowing you to gain valuable insight into which marketing campaigns are most effective at driving phone calls.

Can I get Keyword data from organic traffic calls?

No, unfortunately keyword data are not available for organic traffic.

Will I need to place JavaScript on my Web Pages?

JavaScript tracking script is needed only if you wish to dynamically insert phone numbers onto your web pages from Mobile Ad Clicks.

Can Search Mobile Ads be Tracked?

Yes! The AvidTrak system tracks clicks from all Search networks, Mobile Ads as well all other traffic sources. After placing AvidTrak tracking code on your website, clicks and calls from Mobile Ads are easily tracked.

How many call tracking numbers would I need?

To get granular data, allocate 1 number for each Mobile Ad. To measure calls from Mobile Ad clicks, allocate as many call tracking numbers as the number of hourly clicks you receive from Mobile Ads. To get hourly traffic rates, refer to your Google Analytics account.

Can I use Custom Tags in my Mobile Ads?

Yes, AvidTrak supports custom tags! Setup is very easy and may be accomplished in minutes.

Can I route inbound calls to my mobile tracking numbers to different receiving numbers based on Mobile ad tags?

Yes, you may configure your Mobile Ad call tracking numbers to route calls based upon the tags placed within the Mobile Ads.

How can your product help me improve my campaign ROI?

Our product provides referral source level phone call conversion data, which allows you to identify which marketing campaigns are driving the most valuable phone leads. You can then adjust spend on poor performing referral sources, boosting your campaign ROI.

How does your product work with A/B testing?

Our product provides phone numbers that can be assigned to different advertising campaigns, which makes it easy to perform A/B testing. By comparing the conversion rates for each ad placement, you can identify the best placement for your ads and optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI.

Can I use your product to outbid my competition on high-value clicks?

Yes, our product provides referral source level phone call conversion data, which can be used to make more informed bidding decisions in paid advertising platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ad Center. By cutting spend on poor performing web referral sources, you can boost your campaign ROI and outbid your competition on high-value clicks.

Can your product connect with popular analytics platforms such as Google Analytics GA-4 and CRMs such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho?

Yes, our product can connect with popular analytics platforms such as Google Analytics GA-4 and CRMs such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho. This enables you to leverage the power of these platforms to gain even deeper insights into your marketing campaigns and better understand the impact on your sales revenue.

Is there an extra charge or fee to integrate AvidTrak Call Data into 3rd party CRM, Ad Management Platforms or Analytics Packages?

There are no extra charges for integrating AvidTrak Call Data into third-party CRM, Ad Management Platforms, or Analytics Packages.

How does your product work with mobile advertising?

Our product provides unique phone numbers for different advertising campaigns, which can be assigned and tracked to evaluate the effectiveness of each ad placement. Our system also has the capability to match calls with the corresponding web visit session ID, allowing you to identify which campaigns are driving actual sales revenue.

Does your product record phone conversations?

Yes, our product records phone calls and can even convert the recorded audio to text, making the transcripts searchable for specific keywords. Audio recordings are stored securely and can be password protected to ensure the privacy of data.

How long does it take to set up and launch a campaign using your product?

You can sign up for our product online and deploy campaigns within just a few minutes. We also offer full onboarding support to make the process even simpler. And with our free 14-day trial with no obligations and no credit card needed, you can test out our product risk-free.

How do you ensure the security of the data collected by your product?

We take data security very seriously and have implemented robust measures to ensure the privacy and security of all data collected by our product. Our privacy measures include encryption of audio recordings and password protection of sensitive data, and additionally our servers are secured with the latest security protocols and undergo regular audits to maintain compliance with industry standards.

Can your call tracking product help me identify the best placement for my ads?

Yes, varying ad placement by inserting different phone numbers on various page locations can help you identify the best placement for your ads. Our product allows you to use referral source level phone call conversion data to outbid your competition on high-value clicks and cut spend on poor-performing web referral sources to boost your campaign ROI.

What kind of advertising data does your product deliver to advertisers?

Our call tracking product delivers campaign name, publisher, ad creative, placement, and caller ID data to advertisers, allowing them to better evaluate the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

How does your call tracking product work?

Our call tracking product works by assigning a unique phone number to each marketing campaign that you create within our system. When a number is called, we capture important call data such as the caller’s phone number, the time of the call, the length of the call, call recording, city and state of the caller, and the outcome of the call. These data are then reported back to you in real-time through our dashboard, giving you valuable insights into which campaigns are driving actual sales revenue. You can also record phone calls and listen to the recordings at your convenience.

How does your product integrate with contact centers?

Our product seamlessly integrates with contact centers through our API, allowing us to capture important call data and report it back to you in real-time. This closed-loop reporting enables you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and make informed decisions about how to allocate your marketing spend.

Can I customize the triggers when a phone call is reported as a conversion into an ad management platform or CRM?

Yes, we allow for custom triggers to be implemented so that calls may be filtered to your specification before it is reported as a conversion into an ad management platform.

Do you offer phone call conversation transcription services?

Yes, every phone call can be set up for post-call transcription and word flagging. You can also set up rules for ease in filtering out specific additional categorization calls that meet your specifications.

How does closed-loop reporting benefit marketers?

Closed-loop reporting allows marketers to track the effectiveness of their campaigns in real-time, by identifying which campaigns are driving actual sales revenue. This enables them to make necessary adjustments to their marketing spend and optimize their campaigns for maximum ROI.

How many months of data are available in AvidTrak?

We store a total of 24 months of data in AvidTrak.

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The specified 30-day quantity of local phone numbers in each package. Overage charges are applicable only after the respective volume has been exceeded for the period.



The specified 30-day volume of talk time minutes in each local package. Overage charges are applicable only after the respective volume has been exceeded for the period.



The number of sms that a supervisor can send or receive. Overage charges are applicable only after the respective volume has been exceeded for the period.

Call Recording Minutes

Call Recording Minutes:

The number of minutes for which call recording will be available if recording will be set to on for the phone number.

CNAME Lookup Calls

CNAME Lookup Calls:

Number of calls for which caller name will be fetched (if enabled).

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