How Call Tracking Helps

Do you want to optimize your marketing budget? If so call tracking can definitely help and here’s how.

Call tracking assigns a unique tracking number to each ad campaign or media channel used. This way when a caller gets connected you know exactly which source the lead came from. In fact you can even get a private “whisper” before the caller actually gets connected to you. In this way, you are never unprepared for a potential customer.

With call routing the system can be set-up in such a manner that a call is matched with the right service attendant. For example if a caller is dialing from a certain area in Dallas, the system could be setup so that the caller is connected with an agent based in the same location.

Call tracking analytics also allow you to know at a glance which of your marketing campaigns is getting you the most sales. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions which better allocate your marketing money. For example, if you advertise on Facebook and print media simultaneously and you find that 80 percent of your productive leads were from Facebook, then you know your future lies in Facebook advertising. Go for it!

Not only this, you can receive a complete transcript of the phone conversations highlighting words that were commonly used by your callers. In this way you can tailor make your ads to suit your target audience. You could also fine tune your products to suit customer preferences.

So by giving you real information in real time, call tracking arms you with the tools to succeed in a dynamic business environment.

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