Call Tracking for Addiction Recovery Centers

Addiction recovery businesses operate in a highly competitive environment where coveted paid search terms are expensive and can easily top $80 per click to rank on the first position. And it is not uncommon for an addiction recovery center to spend upwards of $3,000 per day on Paid Search alone. Given the circumstances of high cost per click (CPC) and substantial advertising budgets a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Agency or an in house, online marketing specialist, will find in this post, opportunities to improve on their return on investment (ROI) on marketing spend.


Keyword Selection

One of the challenges that a Pay Per Click Specialist at an Addiction Recovery Center faces is keyword selection and bid optimization for near top position ranking on highly competitive keywords. For example, let’s say that a PPC Specialist comes up with a list of targeted keywords that have the highest number of searches. These would be keywords such as:

Alcohol Addiction
Methadone Addiction Recovery
Drug Rehab Treatment Center
Opiate Addiction Treatment

The PPC Specialist sets up her Adwords campaign and monitors her Adwords account closely to evaluate her ad position, clicks and PPC costs for her targeted keywords. Using Dynamic Insertion technology the PPC Specialist determines that only a handful of her keywords are really effective in generating phone leads. The PPC Specialists also uses AvidTrak’s Integration with Adwords to derive her cost per phone call lead by keyword, ad, ad group and campaign. By being able to review her Adwords account information within her AvidTrak call tracking platform, the PPC Specialist is able to compare the performance of her Adwords campaign against Social Media and Organic Search campaigns to gauge relative channel performance.

Source Tracking

In a multi channel world where web traffic can come from bloggers, paid search, organic search, social media and of course display, lead attribution is not as simple as first touch or last touch. To understand where traffic and phone calls are coming from, the PPC specialist implements AvidTrak’s source traffic numbers to obtain reports on where her clicks and calls are coming from and whether the same lead to revenue. She also uses AvidTrak’s Page Visit and Call Report to determine the click path a visitor takes in making a phone call. Pages that are involved frequently in enabling a call are studied to understand why these pages engage better than other pages on the site.

Call Only Mobile Campaigns

Because Google Adwords offers Call Only Campaigns, the PPC Specialist sets up a new Call Only campaign and uses only those keywords that have demonstrated the highest potential of generating calls. She once again uses AvidTrak’s integration with Adwords to determine which keyword works best in generating mobile phone calls. She uses the granularity of AvidTrak’s reporting to gather data on where most of her mobile leads emanate from and by listening to recorded calls, tweaks her mobile ads to carry words that are used by the callers.

Salesforce Integration

Because the phone call leads are only valuable if the treatment center is able to get new patients, the PPC Specialist ties her AvidTrak account to the treatment center’s Salesforce account. Everyday as the phone and form leads flow into the treatment center Salesforce captures the new leads and generates a report for management. When a patient booking is made successfully, the booking is matched back to the marketing channel, campaign and keyword that resulted in the booking. Matching revenue to marketing channel allows management to determine the efficacy of marketing spend in creating awareness and demand.

Call Volume Load Balance

The Treatment Center’s management is also interested in ensuring that their Call Center employees are full utilized. To ensure that call center loads are optimally balanced, the Treatment Center uses AvidTrak’s Call Volume reports to study load patterns during the week and by the hour. By carefully studying patterns of incoming calls, staffing requirements are adjusted to ensure that prospective patients are not put on call hold queues for more than 30 seconds.

To tweak her phone leads rates higher, the PPC Specialist uses landing page optimization techniques to evaluate which of her pages works best in generating phone leads. She once again uses AvidTrak’s landing page phone number solution to determine the page structure that works best in generating a phone call.


  • Addiction Recovery and Treatment Centers advertising budget and high click spend require smart call tracking tools to improve marketing and ad spend ROI.
  • Use Dynamic phone number Insertion call tracking to derive attribution of leads to keywords, referral sources, and marketing channelsImplement Adwords Mobile Call Only Campaigns to target specific keywords that perform on desktop
  • Listen to your clients through call recording and develop keywords and ad copy that your target audience is likely to respond to better
  • Integrate your marketing efforts with Salesforce to determine the effectiveness of sales revenue with marketing efforts
  • Utilize sales agents time effectively by studying call volume loads and adjust your staffing levels and call routing schemes based on improving customer experience
  • Practice page optimization by adjusting page content and validate your results using AvidTrak’s solutions for validating your optimization techniques


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