Get Toll Free and Local Numbers with

Call Recording, Greeting and Whisper Functionality.

Port Numbers into and out of AvidTrak Easily!

Get Toll Free & Local Numbers Instantly

  • Choose from thousands of Toll Free & Local Numbers..
  • Configure and Deploy Numbers in your campaigns instantly

Recording with a click

Call Recording

  • Enable Call Recording with a click of a button. Playback and listen to calls and email call recordings

Greet Callers with a message

Caller Greeting

  • Greet Callers with a message before the call is connected. Inform Callers that calls may be recorded.

Whisper source of lead

Whisper Message

  • Whisper source of lead to Call Attendant before call is connected

Port your existing numbers

Number Porting

  • You can port your existing numbers into AvidTrak easily. We port thousands of numbers from other carriers every year into our platform


Questions  Answers

Is there a minimum charge per month to use the Agency Call Tracking Platform?

We offer the Agency platform without a minimum spend limit. All you need to do is setup your Agency Account and then setup your client’s call tracking accounts through the Agency Interface

What happens if my clients contact AvidTrak directly?

If your client contacts us directly we will first approach you before responding to any question.

I have some clients for whom I wish to pay call tracking charges for and others clients whom I want to setup to pay AvidTrak directly. How do I achieve this?

The easiest way to achieve this would be to setup two Agency Accounts. One Agency account, Example1, would be setup where you would pay AvidTrak directly with all respective clients whose charges you would pay, while the other Agency account, Example2 would have all those accounts who would pay AvidTrak directly.

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Millions of interactions across channels with 99.999% uptime

Choose from thousands of phone numbers in dozens of countries

10,000+ businesses trust AvidTrak for communications with enterprise-grade security


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