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Pinpoint which of your marketing campaigns drive you phone call leads, Track phone calls from all your marketing campaigns: Search, Social, Organic, Display and Print.

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How does the Free Trial Work?

Your Free Trial account allows you to evaluate our platform for 14-days without entering a credit card. You will get all the features of a paid subscriber and can deploy up to 5 phone numbers in your account. Your free trial will automatically end upon completion of 30-days or when your consumption of phone call minutes exceeds 500 units. If you wish to continue your service after completion of the free trial period, you will need to become a paid subscriber by entering your credit card to prepay for your subscriber package.

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  • 5 Local Numbers
  • 500 Minutes
  • 100 SMS
  • 500 Recording Minutes
  • 50 CNAME lookups
Overage Charges


Local each
Toll-free each


Local per min
Toll-free per min


SMS per segment
What are overage charges?

Overage charges are only applied for paid subscribers who exceed applicable monthly package limit for each respective feature.

  • Block Caller
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Greeting
  • Call Recording
  • Call Whisper
  • Customized Scheduled Reports
  • Distributed Forwarding
  • Dynamic Number Insertion
  • Email / SMS Notifications
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Keyword Call Tracking
  • Offline Call Tracking
  • Online Call Tracking
  • Organic Tracking
  • PPC Tracking
  • Referral Tracking
  • Social Media Tracking
  • URL Targeted DNI
  • Wix,WordPress,Unbounce
More Features
  • Audio to text transcription
  • After Hours Forwarding
  • CNAME lookups
  • Geo Forwarding
  • Reporting API
  • Simul/Seque Forwarding
  • Voicemail
3rd Party Integration
  • Bing Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Google Data Studio
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • ServiceBridge
  • Zoho CRM
  • Customized Integrations

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After Hours and Holiday Routing

Never miss a lead! Outside of business hours or during holidays, incoming calls are routed to third-party answering services, alternate phone numbers, or voicemail. Explore advanced call routing.

AI voice to text transcription

Create audio (speech) to text transcripts for every call. Set and search flagged keywords, get automated reports based on intent-based-triggers. Efficiently analyze call data using AI tools.

Automated greetings

Enhance the caller experience by creating a custom greeting with our text-to-speech AI engine or uploading an MP3 file. Ensure compliance with a recording notification before call redirection.

Block spam / robo calls

Guard against robocalls with a click, blocking a single number or multiple numbers at once. Agencies can block spam numbers across all clients. Simplify the process by creating and uploading a 'bad actor' caller ID list, ensuring a secure and focused communication channel.

Call Recording and Sharing

Enable call recording on individual or multiple phone numbers with a click of a button. Listen to call recordings and easily share MP3 audio recordings.

Caller ID Routing

Direct incoming calls based on the caller's identification information for personalized call handling. Explore advanced call routing.

Dynamic number insertion (DNI)

Using a short snippet of code on all your website pages, assign unique tracking phone numbers to every ad, campaign, and digital marketing effort. This precision allows businesses to trace the origin of each call, providing key insights for optimizing campaigns to close leads.

Incoming Call Alerts

Customize your notification system to receive email or SMS alerts when a call is received. Alerts include caller ID, tracking number, call time and date, and associated labels. The call duration filter sends relevant alerts based on your specifications. Alerts also have a quick call back function to help you keep a record of call backs.

Enhanced caller privacy

Safeguard caller privacy with a tracking phone number ID instead of traditional caller ID. When using answering services, opt for tracking number transmittal to ensure calls are answered with your company name, adding an extra layer of privacy and professionalism.


Deliver immediate assistance to every caller, every time. Build custom call flows with greetings and prompts, guiding the caller to connect with a relevant department. IVR also serves as a tool to safeguard your business from nuisance robo-dialed calls. Capture intent via user selected IVR input(s).

Outbound calling

Connect effortlessly with leads to close sales and/or follow-ups or customer engagement. Set up outbound call schedules that best fit for your business goals and maximize ROI.

Sequential Routing (Round Robin)

Set the maximum number of rings after which incoming calls are sequentially directed to the next available agent or department until the call is answered, ensuring equitable distribution of work workload. Explore advanced call routing.

Simultaneous Routing

Ensure instant engagement with callers by directing incoming calls to multiple recipients (agents / departments) simultaneously. All designated receivers receive the call at the same time, and the first to answer takes the call. Explore advanced call routing

Text / SMS

Strengthen customer relationships with two-way text / SMS conversations, offering convenience and enhancing communication for both parties.

Voicemail system

Define the number of rings before auto-activation of voicemail. Callers are greeted, their messages recorded, and you receive an email/SMS alert with the recording ensuring you never miss a lead.


When a call is answered, the system discreetly alerts the call attendant to the lead source, and other custom caller specifications, providing valuable insights for conversions.

Zip code router

Ideal for franchisor-franchisee networks. Demand generators at Franchisors can route Incoming calls to the nearest franchisee based on the caller's zip code. If the nearest branch isn't available, calls can be directed to your main office or voicemail (or any other number), elevating overall connectivity and customer service. Explore advanced call routing

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Benefits to your Business

Benefits to your Business


Businesses can fine-tune advertising, optimize ROI, and identify high-performing channels, leading to enhanced marketing performance, better returns, and more efficient communication for targeted marketing efforts.


The precise lead attribution empowers businesses to identify lead sources, manage engagements, and leverage insights into lead behavior for growth and higher conversion rates.


Tracking and gaining unique customer data allows businesses to make informed decisions, refine strategies and efficiently close leads, ultimately boosting overall performance and profitability.

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Call Tracking Numbers

Call Tracking Numbers

Learn how call tracking numbers work. Choose from 1000s of premium local and toll-free phone numbers.


Call Tracking Numbers

Bring Your Own Numbers

Number porting and carrier porting is a hassle-free process that allows businesses to retain existing phone numbers.


Call Tracking Numbers

Pricing and Subscription Plans

AvidTrak offers the most affordable software for call and lead tracking and recording. Plans start at just $15/month.



How long are call recordings stored?

Call recordings are stored on our server for a maximum of 24 months.

Can I password protect my call recordings?

Yes, call recordings can be password protected. By default, call recordings are not password protected, but an account Administrator has the option of enabling password protection preventing call recordings to be heard without a password.

Can I setup auto deletion of call recording and call logs to comply with GDPR regulations?

Yes. By default, the deletion is setup for 24-months. However, an Account Administrator can setup the maximum number of days that call recordings and logs may be maintained in an account before these data are automatically purged.

If I enable call recording, am I supposed to alert the caller that the call is being recorded?

Many states and city laws mandate that a caller be advised that their conversation is being recorded, therefore it is best to use caution and always inform the caller that the conversation is being recorded. Use the custom greeting feature in AvidTrak to alert your caller that the call is being recorded.

Are there extra charges to enable voicemail system in AvidTrak? How does the feature work?

There are no extra charges to use the voicemail feature. You would simply enable the feature via your account access interface. You will need to upload a short MP3 voicemail greeting or you may type in text that will be rendered in audio to the caller. Be sure to adjust the number of rings before voicemail is activated.

Are there extra charges to enable sequential dial or simultaneous dial in AvidTrak? How does the feature work?

There are no extra charges to use this feature. The Account Administrator would enable this feature by accessing the account, entering the phone numbers that need to be dialed and labeling every number. Be sure to test after you have completed this setup.

How does the IVR work? Do you charge extra for IVR feature?

The IVR allows callers an opportunity to connect to different departments within a company. For example, you can advise a caller to press 1 for sales, 2 for service and 3 for billing. For each respective key entry, the call is forwarded to a termination number. The IVR feature comes bundled with your service and there is no extra charge that you will need to pay to avail this service.

Can I use the same termination number for all my IVR key entries?

Yes, if for any reason you wish to forward phone calls to the same termination number regardless of which key is entered by a caller, AvidTrak will allow you to do so.


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