Setup SMS Capability and Chat with Potential Leads/Customers

Receive SMS, Respond via SMS

  • Allow customers to communicate with your agents via SMS
  • SMS can be placed in queue just as calls such that agents can manage and respond to multiple incoming SMS.
  • History of each SMS is maintained and is associated with Caller ID
  • After completing SMS agent can capture disposition of communication and add notes subsequent to the SMS event.
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Send Multiple SMS

  • Send multiple SMS communications at one time to opted-in customers
  • Use call to action links in message to determine effectiveness of SMS campaign
  • Allow customers to opt-out of receiving further SMS communications
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FAQs About SMS

Can I use the same AvidTrak phone number for SMS and Voice calls?

Yes. Almost all our numbers in US and Canada are voice and SMS capable. In rare instances when a number does not support SMS, we will try our best to obtain an SMS compatible number for you.

Are there any charges for setting up and using the SMS feature?

There are no extra charges for use of the software. The functionality is part of your subscription package. There are minimal charges per text.

What kind of reports can I get with SMS?

You can get SMS volume reports and review individual chat history details.

Can the mass SMS communications be customized?

Yes, SMS can be customized for each person/business.


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