Lead Maximizer Reports & Analytics

Detailed Lead Maximizer Analytics

  • Agent Performance
  • Caller Experience
  • Call Volume
  • Hold Time
  • Length of Call
  • Dropped Calls
  • Wrap-up Time
  • Consults
  • Call disposition
  • Call Volume by Queue
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Detailed Lead Maximizer Reports

  • Agent Efficiency Reports: Number of Calls Answered, Time spent with caller, number of problem resolutions, wrap-up times, number of whispers/barges by supervisor, number of consults, etc.
  • Caller Experience Reports: Hold time, problem resolution, number of barges/whispers required by supervisor, dropped calls etc.
  • Call Volume Reports
  • Hold Time Reports.
  • Length of Call Reports
  • Dropped Calls Reports
  • Wrap-up Time Reports
  • Consults
  • Call disposition
  • Call Volume by Queue
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FAQs about lead maximizer data & analytics

Are there any costs associated with using and setting up Lead Maximizer Data Reporting?

No, there are no extra costs for setting up Data Reporting. All the data are included in your subscription.

Do you provide call center health stats via dashboard?

Yes. Key call center health stats are available to Supervisors. The data provided includes: campaign call counts, total calls handled by hour, agent load and availability and other metrics that can inform Supervisors on how best to increase campaign ROI. Agents can view their own individual performance data.

Can I customize my dashboard and reporting for specific data?

Yes, AvidTrak captures a variety of data that can be cross-referenced and aggregated to provide a composite picture of campaign performance and lead maximizer execution. You can schedule reports to run daily, weekly and monthly.


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