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Pin down which Print, Radio and TV Ad
is making Your Phone Ring

Boost ROI on Your Offline Advertising Campaigns by using AvidTrak Call Tracking

Boost ROI on Your Offline Advertising

  • Print, Radio, TV and other Offline Ads make your phone ring. No question about that. But do you know which Ad in which offline campaign makes your phone ring?
  • Choose from Thousands of available Toll Free or Local Call Tracking Numbers to pinpoint which Ad Media buy gets you the best phone leads.

Measure and Report Call Volumes from Offline Advertising Tactics in Real Time

Real Time Reports on Offline Campaigns

  • Direct to Customer Offline Ads in Print, Radio and TV generate mass exposure and can create valuable Phone Leads.
  • Use AvidTrak to get Real Time information on:

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Route Incoming Calls Intelligently with IVR. Use Call Recording, Caller Greeting and Whisper to Close More Sales

Recording, Greeting, Routing and Whisper

  • Record incoming Offline Ad calls to train your Sales and Support Teams
  • Greet Callers with a message
  • Use IVR and Advanced Call Routing Rules to route calls to available resources

Tag Calls with Notes & Comments and Email & Share Call Recordings

Call Tags and Recording Email

  • Tag your calls (Lead, SPAM etc) during call or after listening to call recordings. Add comments to Call.
  • Share a call recording with someone by simply emailing Call Recording.
  • Use Whisper to alert Call attendant to source of lead

Block those Nuisance SPAM Callers with Call Blocking

Call Blocking

  • SPAM or Robo Callers telemarketing is on the rise and may be a nuisance and disruptive to your business operations.
  • AvidTrak makes it easy to block troublesome callers with a simple click of a button.
  • To unblock a Caller ID simply remove the Caller ID from the Blocked Caller List.

Never Miss another Phone Lead with Email Alerts. Use Voicemail during Off Hours to capture voice messages

Email Alerts and Voicemail

  • Your Advertisement Dollars need not be wasted just because you could not answer the phone in time.
  •  Use email alert to get missed phone leads with caller recording on your Computer or Smart Phone

Clarifications on Pricing for Call Tracking Numbers & Minutes

AvidTrak Numbers come packaged with Call Tracking Software which comprises of a hosted software solution. The call tracking service is a prepaid service which is offered on a month-to-month basis.

Our service fee structure is broken up into:

  • Monthly recurring charges for phone number rental
  • Talk time minutes for inbound phone calls

Monthly Recurring Charges for Phone Number Rental

The phone number rental is collected in advance every month on the 1st of the month. We do not refund monthly rental fee after it has been deducted from your account.

Talk time Minutes for Inbound Phone Calls

Charges for talk time on the phone use accrue daily. Your account will be charged for the amount of talk time incurred by you.


Questions  Answers

If I start out tracking my Offline Ads in Print and later decide to also track my Search Ads, Can I do this from the same AvidTrak account?

Yes. We would provide you with your JavaScript tracking script which when placed on your web pages would dynamically insert phone numbers to track calls from Search Ad Clicks. Your data for Search and Offline would be available in separate as well as consolidated reports.

What happens if I decide to stop running the ads? Would the calls stop?

You should expect to receive inbound calls to trickle into your business for at least 2 to 3 weeks after stopping a campaign. Therefore it is recommended you keep your phone numbers active for at least a month after stopping your campaigns.

Can I port the call tracking numbers to another company?

Yes. Number porting would be performed by your new carrier and takes between 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

What is phone call quality like? Is it VOIP?

Our backbone provider is Twilio which utilizes Tier-1 PSTN switches to enable high quality voice transmission. VOIP usage is limited.

Is there an extra charge for using Voicemail, Advanced Call Routing or Email Alerts?

There are no extra charges for using the Advanced Call Routing or Email Alert features. Please review AvidTrak Pricing page to understand applicable charges of ½ Cent per Minute related to Call Recording and Voicemail.

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