Deploy Speech Analytics & Conversational AI

Conversational AI and Speech Analytics

  • Use Keywords to define and segment conversations.
  • Easily sift though large quantities of data to find intent signals.
  • Ability to train AI model and spot opportunities and issues in near real time.
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Keywords that Signal Intent

  • Identify words used in customer conversations that are significant for your business. For example, words such as ‘Order’, ‘Booking’ ‘Cancel’, ‘Disappointed’ can be very significant for any service business.
  • Caller Conversation Analytics Reports: Use Conversation Analytics to segment calls into leads, missed opportunities and training.
  • Use frequently used keywords in your landing pages to implement conversion rate optimization.
  • Deploy keywords in your marketing copy and Paid Search Ads.
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FAQs About Conversational Analytics & Keyword Spotting

How much data would I need to get a reasonable level of accuracy in predictive models?

It depends on your industry and level of variance that can create noise in data. Start out with simple conversation segmentation and then as your sample size builds you can implement data cleanup to pick up useful and actionable signals.

What is the difference between Keyword Spotting and Conversational Analytics?

Keyword spotting refers to identifying specific words in a conversation. To identify a keyword, recorded audio gets transcribed using artificial intelligence (AI) based speech recognition tools. Once a written transcript becomes available, it is a relatively straightforward task to ‘spot’ specific words.

Conversational Analytics, as the name suggests, analyzes conversations for the purpose of ascribing caller’s intent. For example, if historical data suggests that a large cohort of callers use a specific order of words or synonyms of words before eventually placing an order/booking, such a profile of callers can be classified as an ‘Opportunity.’ You can use those identified words to sift through conversations from new callers in real time to find new opportunities on which your sales team can focus.

Can I customize my dashboard and reporting for specific data?

Yes, AvidTrak captures a variety of data that can be cross-referenced and aggregated to provide a composite picture of campaign performance and contact center execution. You can schedule reports to run daily, weekly and monthly.

Can I bring my own AI tool such as from and AvidTrak simply provides me the audio-recording?

Yes, AvidTrak can deliver the audio recording to third party conversation analytics specialists.

How much does it cost?

We charge per minute of conversation. See our pricing plan for further details.


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