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AvidTrak provides not just call tracking but also a comprehensive reporting platform that integrates with all your favorite marketing and CRM tools. Since 2010 the key differentiator between AvidTrak and other call tracking vendors is pricing that is less than half what others charge for similar solution.


We believe that for any company cost effective lead generation and profitable customer acquisition comes by way of timely marketing intelligence and data analytics that not only works but fits with any budget. Just as Zoom democratized the world of online meetings, it is AvidTrak’s mission to deliver a robust, easy to use call tracking and reporting platform that is readily affordable.


We are fanatical about product support and customer service. It is no secret that it is our customers that have driven our road map and have built AvidTrak’s platform to what it is today. Whether it is customized integrations into other platforms or proprietary reporting that our clients have required, we have delivered these at no extra cost.

Here’s why thousands of business have chosen AvidTrak


Our clients are savvy enough to realize that paying more for call tracking, reporting and integrations without getting anything more is well, not savvy.


Not only do we onboard our clients for free, but we are available on phone, email, and text to assist our clients get the most use of our platform. Our extensive experience allows us to be efficient which saves our clients time and money

Continuous Improvement

We do not sit still. Whether it is a customized contact center, or integrations with a 3rd party platform our clients are always getting the benefit of our experienced knowledgebase and engineering skill set to deliver solutions that fit their needs

Clarifications on Pricing for Call Tracking Numbers & Minutes

AvidTrak Numbers come packaged with Call Tracking Software which comprises of a hosted software solution. The call tracking service is a prepaid service which is offered on a month-to-month basis.

Our service fee structure is broken up into:

  • Monthly recurring charges for phone number rental
  • Talk time minutes for inbound phone calls

Monthly Recurring Charges for Phone Number Rental

The phone number rental is collected in advance every month on the 1st of the month. We do not refund monthly rental fee after it has been deducted from your account.

Talk time Minutes for Inbound Phone Calls

Charges for talk time on the phone use accrue daily. Your account will be charged for the amount of talk time incurred by you.

We Pair With Your Marketing Tools

AvidTrak connects to the tools you use to save you time and automate mundane work.

The power to engage billions of customers on a global scale

With our platform and your ideas, you can focus on the marketing that matters.

Millions of interactions across channels with 99.999% uptime

Chose from thousands of phone numbers in dozens of countries

10,000+ businesses trust AvidTrak for communications with enterprise-grade security


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