Adding Funds Into your Agency Account

How to Fund your AvidTrak Agency Call Tracking Account

Use this funding procedure if your agency will be paying on behalf of your clients the cost of AvidTrak Call Tracking Service.

If you have used up your free trial credit balance in your Agency Account and wish to fund your AvidTrak account, click on ‘Billing’ and select ‘Make Payment’

Screenshot of AvidTrak Agency Account Funding UI

You have three different options to make payment as shown below:

Auto Recharge

Auto-recharge automatically tops up your AvidTrak credit when your balance falls below a certain figure. This ensures you never run out of AvidTrak Credit. With Auto-recharge, your credit card is debited in the same way as if you were making a manual purchase, but with Auto-recharge enabled you are not required to approve each recharge

Screenshot of AvidTrak Auto Recharge Screen

One time payment via Authorize

Fill in your credit card information and specify your account top up limits. Click Save and wait for AvidTrak to confirm that your credit card company has authorized your transaction

Screenshot of AvidTrak Auto Recharge Screen

Add funds using Paypal

Note that payments may take up to one working day to be reflected in the billing reports

Screenshot of AvidTrak Auto Recharge Screen

After your account has been funded your new balance after top up will reflect on the right hand corner of the screen with heading Current Balance is $50.

Note: Your account must always maintain a credit balance in order for you to utilize AvidTrak Phone Service

Screenshot of AvidTrak UI showing credit balance in client account